Winter has enveloped LYC and it’s a beautiful site!!! Please remember to come down and check on your vessels as the temperatures plummet!!!





April Meeting

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LYC April Board meeting is April 1st at 7pm in the clubhouse.

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Heck YEAH the water is on

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Time to come down and wash your boat, the water is on in LYC!!  Hurry up dont wait and be the dirty boat at LYC.

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LYC March Meeting

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The next Board meeting at LYC will be March 11, 2019 at 7 pm in the clubhouse due to river flooding and clean up. Please make note.

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January Board Meeting Cancelled

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There will be no meeting this evening January 7, 2019.

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June Board meeting minutes

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June minutes are available in the members section

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Pool is OPEN!!

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Hey everyone, The LYC pool is officially open, cold but open.  It has fresh paint and it wont even rub off on your skin this year!!!!  🙂 Thanks Glen and Crew.

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LYC Annual Meeting is May 12th

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Hello all, Our annual member meeting is this coming Saturday, May 12th at 11am in the clubhouse. We have some major items to cover and we need as many members to attend as we can!!! Thanks all. Chris  

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April LYC Board meeting is this Monday 23rd

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All members are encouraged to attend the monthly Board meetings, we will begin at 7pm. Thanks chris  

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Electric update

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Hello all LYC members, The river is back inside her banks and Larry Bohn (electrician extraordinaire) has “again” begun his work on bringing LYC back into the electric age. This will take some time, but he and his crew have been working during the high water to stage the new meter banks for installation. The Board at LYC knows this has been trying, we have boat there also, but we cannot control mother nature – she put us in this position remember!! Larry and his team will work as hard and fast as they can to get us power. ...

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LYC 2018 Flood recovery – please read!!

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OK LYC gang, With the devastating flood of 2018 hopefully starting to recede we need to prepare for the clean up. This is just too big a task for Glen and his crew so… LYC will have a work weekend in two weeks and we need all members and friends to help out. This will be a huge undertaking and many hands will make light(er) work. Please keep an eye out on FB and our website along with the mail for a schedule. We love our marina and enjoy it in the summer, but it takes work to make it a wonderful place to gather, so please plan on...

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